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Systemd DNS defaults to Google and Cloudflare
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I found that systemd defaults to using Cloudflare and Google for DNS. Later I found that it also uses Google for NTP. There might be more. I had to know at how that came to be.

> ignatk authored and poettering committed on 15 Feb 2019 > 1 parent bd0a4a3 commit def3c7c791e7918a889c2b93dee039ab77b3a523 > Cloudflare public DNS service is currently the fastest one according to https://www.dnsperf.com/#!dns-resolvers. Why not improve the experience for systemd users using this as a default fallback nameserver?

Ignatk's profile says they are associated with Cloudflare. Is privacy not part of the experience of systemd users? This is every domain you enter in address bar we are talking about and their computer pinging Google at regular intervals to get the time.

To change, edit `/etc/systemd/resolved.conf` and change values `DNS=` and `FallbackDNS=`. I recommend using OpenNIC.org servers, for a more independent and decentralised DNS network.

This event compounds my belief that being open source is not enough when we don't read the code. Perhaps more forking would sap the confidence and influence of such interests.