Orbifx's Logarion
Minimal internet

Internet I've enjoyed you, you have been great. Though for a long while some corporations and neurotic mentalities have been transforming you to a mind-drug. Computers, you are great at what you do, for that I'm grateful. But some thought it would be better for us humans to delegate our prioritisation to algorithms instead of our mind's natural intelligence.

It was easy to fall for, thanks to hype and initial excitement. It's hard to escape, thanks to the pleasant distraction the net can be, especially in an age where time deprivation & "social mobility" hinders socialising in person.

Subscribing (following) to unaddressed streams is destructive to attention and initiative. My interests change, yet they keep piling up. They circumvent our volition and inject ideas. Constant streams won't let us forget, as it is natural for us humans to do, and then we feel guilty about all the "should haves". Most importantly they obscure the urgent truth, that we are lured and overcommitted.

What would happen to our lives if all of our distraction-services were taken away? How would we change our priorities and decisions?

I'd like to consolidate the use of internet to a small deliberate part of my week. And I want to be free to select the best periods based on mood, weather, people and other natural priorities. To conserve the earth's and my energy. What's pushed to me has to be absolutely minimised to what is relevant or addressed to me. I can't rely on algorithms (recommendations) for that. The rest I pull based on my deliberate and authentic inspirations and needs. who, when and where.

Suitable tools for the above are email and search engines, with some selective instant messaging and web feeds. Every other medium I've tried, turned out to be innappropriate.

* Ode to email: