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Discussion mailing lists

Discussion mailing lists archive and relay messages to all the members of the list. They function as forums. I prefer them to any other forum medium, as:

* They don't need yet another account, one email account is enough for any group. * They are way lighter than web forums; they don't require a web browser. * Messages collect to my inbox, instead of me going to all the different websites. * I have my own copy (archive) of everything to do as I please

The most popular mail list software is Gnu Mailman: <https://www.gnu.org/software/mailman>

Discussions lists are based around a topic and a server normally has plenty of list-topics. Each list has a submission email address based on the topic name. For example, a list about "Foo" will normally have a post address `foo@lists.example.com`. To receive email discussion one has to subscribes via a web form of the lists web page or via sending a mail to a subcription address. Discussion happens by mailing to and replying back to the mailing list post address, which is then propagated to every member of the list again.


1. Send small, simple text (not HTML) formatted emails to keep the reading experience light and quick. 2. Do not include the whole previous post as most mailing list have archives and members probably already have the previous emails and thus can see the whole thread.

Providers of free mailing lists:

* <https://lists.tildeverse.org> * <https://lists.envs.net> * <https://riseup.net/en/lists> * <https://www.freelists.org> * <http://librelist.com> * <https://lists.sr.ht> (For software development mostly)